New Telephony System at ICP

We know that our telephone system has been the source of significant frustration, resulting in numerous complaints, and as such, we previously advised that we were working on delivering a brand new, modern day telephone system.

We are very pleased to let you know that after several months of planning and hard work, our brand new telephone system will be going live on Thursday 10th March.

The Patient benefits

  • Simple access to our non-clinical teams, i.e. Registrations, Prescriptions, Test Results, Doctor Referrals, etc. through the main telephone menu during their opening times
  • Save your place in the telephone queue. If we are particularly busy and have a large number of incoming calls, you will be told where you are in the queue for whichever department you have selected to speak to. If you are greater than at 10th place, providing the number you’re calling from hasn’t been made private or hidden, and is a UK based mobile or landline, the system can virtually save your place. If you request it to, it will call you back when you are at the head of the queue – saving you time waiting on the phone and allowing you the choice of whether to hold on, call back or raise a Footfall request. However, it will not be able to call you back if you are calling from overseas or have an overseas mobile number
  • Ability to leave a voicemail if you need to cancel an appointment, rather than waiting to speak to Reception
  • Recorded calls. All incoming and outgoing calls will be recorded for quality and training purposes. This will allow us to review calls and discuss with the staff and patient concerned should there be any issues raised regarding interaction with ICP staff over the phone.

What will happen on Thursday, 10th March

Due to the process of moving all of our numbers from one phone provider to another being a complex one, this will not be instantaneous. This is completely out of our hands and rests with BT.

Therefore, between the hours of 09:30 through to approximately 12:00, there may be problems contacting us via the telephone until the system has bedded in. We may not be able to transfer calls and elements of the menu options may not work. Therefore, we ask you to be patient and if possible, delay calling us, or contact us via our website ( and raise your request / enquiry there.


In addition, we are taking the opportunity to rationalise some of our legacy phone numbers.

The previous landlines for Cox Lane and Stoneleigh surgeries will be directed into the main line ICP number, so that calls can be dealt with by the Reception team as a whole. That means your call could be answered by any one of our Reception staff across our four sites, allowing a greater number of people to take patient calls. Again, this is to speed up access to the surgery.

Cox Lane and Stoneleigh surgery numbers will divert until 30th April 2022 and after that you will only be able to contact us through the main line number – 01372 724434.

We do believe that with the new telephone system in place, it should alleviate a great deal of the frustration that has been expressed to us over the years from our patients.