Safeguarding Children & Vulnerable Adults

Our primary care team is committed to safeguarding all patients across the organisation. The safety and welfare of all individuals who come into contact with our services either directly or indirectly is paramount and all staff have a responsibility to ensure that best practice is followed, including compliance with statutory requirements.

We are committed to a best practice which safeguards vulnerable adults, children and young people irrespective of their background, and which recognises that an individual may be abused regardless of their age, gender, religious beliefs, racial origin or ethnic identity, culture, class, disability or sexual orientation.

The primary care team are committed to working within agreed policies and procedures and in partnership with other agencies to ensure that the risks of harm to any individual is minimised.

Our organisation safeguarding lead is Dr Heather Carr-White who is ably assisted by Dr Catherine Dale.

For more information or if someone you know is being mistreated, harmed or abused please visit the following links: